Revision Hell

The first draft of the novel I’m working on was completed in May of this year, and I’ve spent the last few months revising and fleshing out the world. The manuscript currently stands at 155,285 words that I need to condense so it fits more into the genre. I’m basically going through the “kill you darlings” phase so I can proceed to work on the second draft that will be sent to my editor. It’s been a consuming process.

So while I go and bang my head against a wall here is a wonderful link about writing: 107 Ironclad Rules for Writers Who Want to Be Better at Writing. A lot of them made me laugh like a hyena.

ex. 56. Italics makes words sound fancy.


Hello, world. Meet Lorelai :D

The first post always has lots of stupid pressure.

So instead of being witty I’ll just set up what I’m doing here: I’m working on a book. It’s Young Adult and I’m on my second draft of it. This is to help me keep track of the project and hopefully get some decent feedback from readers.


Or this will yet again be another website lost in the waves. I hope not the latter, I think the world could use my main character at this point.